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JP Nadeau: Guestbook

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Connie Shepard

January 16, 2009

I met you on a Holland America cruise and enjoyed listening to your piano playing so much. It really made my week.

Connie Palmer

January 11, 2009

Just looked at the video of my Caribbean Cruise on the Veendam in 07--got you playing in the piano bar---was with my friend "Connie"--you called us the two Connies. Anyway, I'm going on another same area cruise on the Noordam in Feb. & was checking to see if per chance you were going to be on the ship. Darn, you're the best piano bar entertainment I've ever had on a ship. At least I do have you "Moonglow" CD. Hope to run into you again someday on another cruise. Connie


July 26, 2008



May 24, 2008

I had lots of fun at the piano bar on the Maasdam singing along with you. Just ordered "Moonglow" Had to play "Colonoscopy for my friends.


May 6, 2008

Hello! Good site, simply super!


May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008 -

Meeting JP Nadeau on the 24 April-5 May Maasdam cruise was a fantastic experience! What an ARTIST, ENTERTAINER and TERRIFIC PERSON! My usual evening routine during this cruise was dinner, show, and then sit at the Piano Bar at least until midnight. (I even had my own reserved seat). I had never visited the piano bar on our previous cruises, but now that I've experienced the talents and personality of JP, I know that when I try out the piano bar on future cruises, I'll be thinking --- Rememeber how JP sang this song? I'm sure hoping that we'll be able to sit at his piano bar (no matter what time of evening -- or early morning) and enjoy his talents once again! (I'm trying to figure out how I can get to Seoul, Korea.)Echoing many of the previous comments, meeting JP and listening to him on the piano, were one of the highlights of our cruise. (If there are any other Piano Bar patrons from this cruise, I'd love to hear from you.

Karen --


April 21, 2008

we're still missing you after all these years. i think the cd's are almost worn to death. you are so fabo jp - and for all of you out there who have had the pleasure of meeting jp - you know there is a "GOD" and he gave us JP. hello to all who feel like we feel about JP... christina and john

Bonnie & Ed Yeager

March 29, 2008

Bob & Sara were at our house yesterday. We talked about you, were your ears burning? The four of us really enjoyed your music on the Maasdam. Hope someday to run into you again.

Ian O'Shea

February 21, 2008

JP - Ian and Maria here in Ballina Co Mayo Ireland. Sorry we lost contact (lost email!) but came across your site recently - would dearly love to here from you - Love Ian and Maria

Gord Cuming

February 3, 2008

J.P. -- Gilda & I truly enjoyed meeting you on the Maasdam (Jazz Cruise + following cruise) this year. You were the highlight of our cruise ---- I will listen to your CD's on my trips from 'the Falls', up to Edmundston to work at Frasers, and remember a marvelous cruise, and a very talented musician!!

All the best, my friend!


January 28, 2008

oh lordy, lordy... i finally got the nerve to find you. (lack of computer skills) where is the picture of you and the donkey in mykonos? john and i stopped there - he decided to go to delos (big mistake) when he came off that excursion i had found a beautiful necklace in mykonos and the rest is history. after reading all these comments from your fellow passengers i want to hop ship pronto. you were the greatest thing to happen on our cruise to the antarctica and all the places along the way. balderdash (sp) was the greatest not to mention the cocktails that came with the game. so happy you're going strong because any ship that would not hire you would have to be off their rocker!!!!! can't believe how fast the time has flown. we have your cd's playing more than you know and in hawaii john's i-pod just got stuck on all your songs and we had a good giggle. planning on wearing the "shirt" to a party next week. your the best and for all of you out there who have had the chance to listen, spend time with or just laugh along with jp - it's a blessing. we miss you lots. christina and john

Gary Wilson

January 18, 2008

Wanted to see what you were up to. The ten day with you on the Zaandam is still the best ever!

Your Piano Bar Buddy,
Gary Wilson

Jeannette Demain

November 9, 2007

Hi JP,

Thought I would check your site. I must say that it's quite amazing. Now I know why you are always smiling and laughing!!

Your friend,

Jeannette Demain

Natalie Hakim

September 28, 2007

We just met J.P. for the first time on the Rotterdam cruise from Athens on 9/6. I was really impressed with your versatility and piano virtuosity! (Like that word?!) Anyway, I bought your album, which I like. Just a suggestion - you should record an album of standards and an album of blues.

Anyway, I think it's funny that I have a son PJ - and my name is Natalie like your daughter. Something to ponder when you have nothing else to think about.

Marilyn Milburn

August 13, 2007

Oh JP what a fabulous contract you currently have which takes you to world famous places and you can actually stand in those footprints of long ago. I always think back to our mad dash to the border to get you back aboard your ship which you had missed in Seattle....this escapade brings a big smile to my face and a hearty chuckle. I heard you mention your family often and was glad to see you had them with you when you celebrated the new year together last January. Now tey can see what your fans love about your music aboard the ships...absolutely rockus!!

monika schmidt

August 13, 2007

hi JP!!You have wonderful web side!!i listened to your music,and of course i watched your photos..sincerely-yo should add the best one-on the camel in Egypt:)!!

Louise Fortin

June 17, 2007

Hi JP,

Louis sent me your site address! I'm impressed, this is very cool - glad to see you're still doing okay for yourself.
Kisses, Louise

May 26, 2007

Hi JP,

We're listening to your record(s) at home and it puts me in the mood!

Diane Streeter

May 26, 2007

Hi JP. Were listening to your record at home and it puts me in the mood!

Bert and Elayne Hult 2-4-07 t0 2-18-07 Veendam

March 13, 2007

Hi JP, Just a note to let you know that you were the highlight of our cruise. We play the cd a lot and remember you. Hope to see you again on a future cruise. thanks for all your great entertainment. Next time I want to hear you sing "If I were a Rich Man."

Hildy Pennington

March 12, 2007

Met you on the Veendam in January, 07. You were great, I should have bought your CDs.Wish you a great time at home and then an exciting summer in Europe. Hede says "Hello"


February 8, 2007

Veendam in January ... You, me, and Jovey. Our group had a blast on that ship ... LAWRD KNOWS I drank too much Capn Morgan !! Your cd is funny as CHEAT mon ... Colonoscopy has to be the BEST !! You must get that played on morning wacky radio shows ...

Everything for me would be great to work on a cruise ship ... sights, sounds, and OLD ladies .... hahahahahahaha Good Luck JP and Herez to Billy Joel !!

Check out my band:

Bruce McClure

January 9, 2007

You really made our New Year's cruise on the Veendam! Thanks so much! Sonia and Bruce

Cheryl & Ken

January 7, 2007

Hi JP,

LOL, just got home last night and couldn't wait to check out your site. Super!

We listened to your CD, Moonglow, on the way home from the absolute MUST have for anyone who wants to continue the memories of an evening with you!

What a treat to enjoy your talent and company on the New Year's Cruise on the Veendam and a special delight to have our supper seating with your family. We thoroughly enjoyed them (lol, and you when you could join us). You don't always get to choose who will be at your table so we were really lucky :)

Will keep up with where you are 'cuz we sure want to enjoy your GREAT entertainment again in person. I told Maggy that I had overheard another cruiser mention that they were on the cruise to see YOU not just to cruise and I thought that was interesting... now I know why ;)

Best of everything for the New Year to you and your girls ;)

Cheryl and Ken

albert oykherman

December 24, 2006

HI,JP!Thanks for great time on Veendam!Colonoscopy!!!Envy people,I've got it on video!JP, love Your -scapes!I'll send You some of mine.Keep it up!

Donna & John Portlock

December 23, 2006

Thinking about our wonderful nights at the piano bar on Veendam last October everytime we play your CD.
Are you crusin' and playin' any in the Spring/Summer of 2007? We'd love to try to sail along!

Colleen Gold

December 11, 2006

I was just listening to your CD in the car and it made me miss the fun we had with you on the Veendam. Your talent and fun made the trip a real treat! I hope we can book a trip with you in the future. You're awesome!
Colleen Gold

Mary McIntyre

November 24, 2006

This is "hot stuff" from Veendam Halloween! Can't wait to see you, only about a week now! Mary

Mario Levesque et Véronik Gallant

September 24, 2006

Hi JP,
We went to your photography exposition in Woodstock NB on September 24th 2006 and we really enjoyed talking to you and checking out your photos. Keep up the good work and we will admire your pictures (Green and Fina, Santorini) on the walls of our appartment.
Take care!

wendy - riverview

June 27, 2006

howdy old neighbour, love your site, really nice pictures, can hardly wait to see the photo albums of this chapter. Keep on smiling, singing and playing, hope to see you this summer. love ya.

Richard et Lea

June 20, 2006

Love and miss You take care.

Aline McLaughlin

June 5, 2006

Hi Jean Paul!
I just took the time to read your Bio. You haven't changed a bit since high school. You are an entertainer in whatever you do! You have put in a lot of yourself in building this website. Great job!Glad you took the time to share your mmmmany adventures!
Keep in touch.
Friends always

Paul (Fender Guy) Marleau

June 3, 2006

OK. You talked me into checking out your web site. This is the most amaising personal blog I have ever seen. What is it you do for a living eh!! In your music I even allowed you to take me on a tour up your butt. What a grewsome site that was. OK you win. Your not just another pretty


June 1, 2006

Your story makes me laugh a lot this morning... :) I have thought you'd better be a comedian before, but I guess you are the Piano man who brings a happiness to people. You have great pictures of Saigon. Here in Seoul, everybody is crazy for World Cup coming soon..!! You have to see them...everyone is wearing RED T-shirts and be the one. haha~ JP, take care with happiness! Toodles~ ;)


May 31, 2006

Love your oc's!!!


May 23, 2006

Hey JP....never know where in the world you will turn up next! Great shots from Saigon and beyond. Happy trails!


May 20, 2006

WoW!!! I love your updated site. Good Job!!!!

Darla Smith

May 3, 2006

WOW !!! Just cannot imagine the time it took you to put all this together. When do you find time to work ? And the photos !! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. What an imagination.
In reading part of you bio ... you mention being taught by nuns. Well THAT explains a lot.
Seriously though ... you've done a great job with this site.

Hope to sail with you again.
Two of your biggest fans,
Darla & Roy Smith

MarcBenoi Léger

May 1, 2006

just had to do was great spending time with you , hope you are having a super good fucking time over there!!
our pool is finally opened, clean and warming up slow but sure..can't wait to be in the water

love, peace and happiness, your bro in Moncton, ME

Peter Henderson and Marty Duffney

April 24, 2006

hI j.p. hAPPENED THAT mARTY CAME OVER TODAY TO HELP ME LEVEL THE HOUSE. He ask if I can find your site address he gave me, we are here right now having a great time looking at your smiling face, it sure is good to see you. We both wish you were here. We can now stay in touch and we can applaud your success every day. Always good to see you.

Yours friends

Marty and Peter

Tim Thomas

April 23, 2006

hi great page !

Leonide Soucy

April 20, 2006

Beautifully done and very interestint. I am your mother"s hairstylist. She gave me you address and she is very porud of you, continue the nice work


April 16, 2006

Yes, you are a genius! Keep us updated with your music releases so we can enjoy it as always.

Great website - more pics, more pics, more, more, m, m,mmmmmm


April 6, 2006

Finally, I am here to look around your website! It's very well organized with nice music and pictures. I really enjoyed listening your music. ^^ I
'm really look forward to see you soon~~^^*


April 4, 2006

Hey D@d,

I just read your story again about missing the boat and I was in tears laughing. The Grants were starting to wonder what was wrong with me. Anyway, I hope you have a nice "Vacation" opening the pool, and doing house wark and all that great stuff :P
Love, Gilly


March 20, 2006

wow~ you'll go to saigon and bangkok for the next 6 months! It's wonderful~ but Caroline and I will miss you... We'll go to the bar soon! :)

Jocelyn Carter

March 4, 2006

To a wonderful and talented friend who always has a smile, great laugh and lovely wife and daughters. Always nice to get together on the scenic St. John River Valley with your family. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by so much peace and beauty. Hope to see you soon. Jocelyn

John & Sue KIMBALL

March 2, 2006

Great to hear from you,I have wondered many times when we would cross paths again,I hope it is soon.I will say hello to Chandlers.Where are the red sneakers.all the best John & Sue

marc boileau

March 2, 2006

JP: got the postrcard, Danke Schoen!, it was great to hear from you. I love the website, the pics and the information. I am saving up for a CD.
Things are busy for us, we (Lynn and I) have 2 more kids (Evan 2 1/2, Simone 6 months) and Andre is 17 and Elyse is 15.
I haven't sailed since we met, but am thinking that I would like to once again.
Take care and I will drop in again.
A Bientot,

jeff calum

March 1, 2006

nice pics!! i really like kong's in seoul! bwahahaha... thats him! great eyes JP!


March 1, 2006

Great pics, Jape and what a fanbase. There's a great forum going on CruiseCritic-check it out everyone and leave a comment


February 24, 2006

could not enter this on HAL so I am sending to you instead.
During my first cruise on the Veendam two years ago, I had the pleasure of spending the evenings in the piano bar with JP Nadeau into the wee hours of the morning. JP could and did play and sing anything you requested. I found it so interesting that this Piano Man had friends from around the world that followed him NOT the cruise line. What a mistake for HAL to let go of such an entertaining gem. If HAL asked the consumer or read the passenger postings, they would come to realize that repeat cruisers want something that made the previous cruise experience a fantasy for them. It is obvious to me that JP developed the kinds of relationships that are financially valuable to HAL.

When I share pictures of my cruise, they begin with the Piano Bar and the friends I made while I was there. Every evening was different and held new possibilities to improve on the fantasy cruise. Formal nights there were the best. To meet with people dressed in beautiful evening attire listening to their favorite songs played by JP for what they perceived as being just for them.

Even though JP may be thrilling other people in exotic places in the world I have not booked another cruise on HAL since I found out JP was no longer there to enhance my evenings with his gift of music and his charm. I somehow think it would be too sad to board the Veendam knowing JP would not be smiling at every person who came into the room from the piano. He has a way of encouraging friendships to develop between complete strangers in a way no other staff on board was able to do.

Since I will not be going to Korea anytime soon, I can only hope he will come back to HAL one day and we can catch him again onboard. IMHO he is the best!

Walter GGuptill

February 23, 2006


Now that's a bio! What a story and it was such fun reading. Thanks for the Valentine's card also. Read about you on Cruise Critic also ....... the cruise industry is "mssing the boat" and I hope that someone picks up a contract for you really soon. Whenever and wherever that is we will be there, you can count on it! We never had as much fun on a cruise as we did with you on the Island Princess to Hawaii. Rember the lava flows that night ... so beautiful! You take care and keep in touch. Great website.

We lova ya JP!

Walter & Sue Guptill
Nobleboro, Maine

Steve + Charity Conrad

February 18, 2006

Thanks for the card. We are your greatest fans from Ohio (Alaska cruise). Charity works for 8 Gynecologist and has taken in your CD with "Colonoscopy" on it and played it for them. What a roar!

We hope to take another cruise with you or if you get to the Ohio, please let us know.

Keep singing!

Steve + Charity

Marilyn Milburn

February 15, 2006

I tried emailing you at this address and found that this site is the only way to communicate. I'm very impressed with what you have on this site and congratulate you for being such a popular man who has really really arrived!
I did send you Valentine's greetings yesterday and was wondering if the Koreans celebrate a bit like we do in the states. Where else have you traveled in the Far East and do you know the location of your next gig? Stay in touch.......I'm sure you have tons of emails from all your fans so know that I enjoyed your cards and the Valentine's greetings.
Your partner in a memorable crime................Marilyn


February 7, 2006

Finally, I am here to look around your website! It's very well organized with nice music and pictures. I really enjoyed listening your music. ^^ It makes me feel comfortable. I'll often visit here~ Have a good night! :)

Margaret Dornauer

January 30, 2006

Loved the photos J.P. Erich and I also have some great Alaskan shots. Also enjoyed the photos of places we have not been. I want to go to Portofino now! All the best


January 30, 2006

Hey Dad, This site rocks! I'm so proud of you and it looks like lots of other people are too. Keep up the good work. You might want to consider putting all your pictures in albums so that they're easy to navigate through!

Love ya!

Rob and Jeannie Kelly

January 30, 2006

Love the website. Thanks for all the pictures. We hope to see you on a cruise soon.


January 29, 2006

I am wait for the Donkey Shit Waltz live performance link!! For those of you who havent experienced this waltz just yet... I dont think dancing lessons will be necessary. Bravo JP! Yasso!


January 29, 2006

Hey dad! Wow! Your Bio was really fun to read! You'll be able to compile these journal entries into a book in the future...or atleast I will be able to if you never do! It's a piece of it.
Keep it up. Love ya, Miss ya!


January 29, 2006

WOW-what a journal-I knew you'd have lots to say once you started-it's great

jonathan Kim

January 29, 2006

hhhh...excellent!!your home page.but I am disppint it.because
your home page is very outstanding


January 27, 2006

Really enjoyed the amazing photo is so you! And very artsy, too. Keep on is a gift to the world. Thank you for being oh so you!

Dani & Ron

January 25, 2006

Great to be able to see where you are and what you've been up to.
Fantastic photos!
Good luck x


January 24, 2006

Am thoroughly enjoying your new webpage. Love reading your bio and the news and of course the pictures are icing on the cake! Will keep checking in often. Love ya!

Susan Straub

January 24, 2006

You are one great entertainer!

Robert Nadeau Bob

January 22, 2006

Great photos Cuzn.. Keep them coming. Great site.

Bob and family XX

Judi Jones

January 20, 2006

HI JP, Wonderful pics and website. I'm so happy things are going well for you - but the cruise industry is missing a great entertainer! Love & toodles

Walter Guptill

January 19, 2006

I'll be at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul on Sunday, too bad you have that night off! Good start on your website, love the pictures, the bio needs a little work.

Still enjoying your both of your CD's and wishing you would do another.

Take care buddy and say hi to Vicky for me!!


January 18, 2006

Hi Big Guy,

Nice web site, knew you could do it if you put your mind to it. They can be kind of fun to design but frustrating too. I know it will just get better and better as you work on it. Looking for lots of those amazing shots you take with that digital camera. So you got a two month extension in S. Korea huh, I know your happy and knocking them dead over there but I'm so sad cause I miss seeing you. CD's are great but nothing like the real thing!!

Vicky Davis

January 17, 2006

JP, Great job, need more photos and great stories.

Adam Mahoney

January 17, 2006

J.P., you rock, man! hope you're having a good time in Korea! Can't wait 'til you get back to Woodstock and play me a few tunes. Take it easy, Jean Paul.


January 17, 2006

Cool, ça commence bien. belles photos. Il y en n'a que 2 ou je ne sais pas comment aller voir les autres. En tout cas. bonne initiative.


January 16, 2006

Congradulations on the great website. All of your friends and fans will enjoy it very much. Looking forward to more pictures.


January 16, 2006

Hi J.P,
Great website! You have so many photos from around the world to add to your photo album.
Maybe 2006 will be the year you become famous.
Good luck!


January 16, 2006

Hi JD,
Thanks for sending your new website & keeping in touch. Still listen to your CD "Moonglow" all the time. Love it! Can't wait for you to add more photos. RoSe :)


January 16, 2006

Way to go JP. I know you are wowing them in Korea, but hope you are back on the cruise scene at some point. I still enjoy both your CD's.